Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quality over Quantity


I have been looking for 5+ years for the PERFECT “baseball” t. Now I’ve found it. “The Perfect Raglan T is a classic and that is that” Exactly. Two for $68. + Shipping. Not exactly my price range for a basic shirt. But it’ll last more then one found at old navy – that’s for sure. Quantity over Quality.

Every female in my family has a teeny tiny addiction to scarves. Plain ones, bright ones, basic ones, extremely interesting & out there ones. We luv’em. This scarf is handmade in Ethiopia and “inspire[s] economic independence in [Ethiopia] and [preserves] the art of weaving” . It’s two scarves sewn together with a hole for your head. It’s full of gorgeous spring colours. It’s $160. Something to save for.

Oh yeah. And then I’d like a few of Litas. Maybe 5 or so?




The itch for a job is getting stronger & stronger. ♥

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  1. i am obsessing over those litas!!! target has a crazy pair of boots out right now that remind me of litas! (and for only 35 bucks!)