Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brick Love.


I have an obsession with brick walls.
Maybe I’m not alone on this, but it’s just what it is.
Maybe it’s that dream to be a starving artist, in a super expensive brown stone in new york, with brick walls, candles everywhere to save on electricity.
Maybe it’s the idea of being rustic, of old historic buildings, and culture, and just how long the building has stood the test of time.
But I love ‘em. & I love the idea of white washing spaces as well. Old wood & red brick painted white & fresh? I’m there. ♥
Especially if it’s a bathroom or a kitchen *swoon*


Here’s just a quick taste of the things I love. Fresh & white or rustic and beautiful – it just makes my heart happy.

xoxo. kristine ♥


pictures are linked to credit – as always

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