Thursday, March 1, 2012

I’m back!


valentines day dark chocolate crepes w. vanilla icecream & strwberries ♥ photo by: me

SO much has happened in this little hectic life of mine.
My aunt (whom I live with) fell down the stairs and had a major surgery done to put a plate & a bunch of pins in her ankle.
So now I’m a live-in care-taker for her (which I don’t really mind) but running up & down the stairs eats up a lot of time!
& on top of that, in order to get her laptop to have internet so she can work from bed (long complicated story) I get no internet during the entirety of her work day! Then it’s off to make dinner for the family (my 25 year old cousin too) & then eat it & watch our t.v. shows together … where’d the day go?
And it’s been like this for a month! EEK!

Monday she goes to get a new cast & a check-up. So maybe things will improve a little bit then, but we’ll see. Until then: I clearly have to pre-pre-schedule blog posts during the day, and post them at night.

Upcoming posts to look forward to:

A DIY (one of the DIYs I'm dying to try) but waiting for news that my gift has reached it’s sender!
A room tour! All the pictures have been taken, they just need a wee bit of editing (;


This month I’ll be participating in the March photo a day challenge over at Fat Mum Slim!
I’ll do a weekly round up post but to see each photo as they’re posted head on over to my facebook page (:

Today’s photo: UP



xoxo. kristine

P.S. It feels good to be back & writing!

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