Monday, January 23, 2012

DIYs I’m DYIng to try

There’s always a bunch of super trendy DIYs flying around, but these are the two that every time I see I go “I could do that!” and then “that’s so me!” and “Why don’t I do that?” and then … “oh yeah, because I don’t even have the $2 to start that project” ahhhhh the life of a non-working 19 year old*.

However I’ll get on with it – the two projects that are pulling at my heart strings as of late are as follows:

Painted plastic animals

dinosaur terra/aquarium via harpers happenings, birthday candle holders via the sweetest occasion, hippo via the good machinery etsy shop

more specifically: painted plastic dinosaurs. but this hippo is pretty cute too (;
my plan is to make a bunch of these for the holiday season next year – or possibly as my birthday theme this year (:

customized mugs

handpainted tea set via delightfully tacky via ladies home journal, chalkboard mug via wit and whistle

Because I drink hot beverages like they are going out of style & I think it’d be super cute to have similar but not perfectly matching cups (:
unfortunately no real need for this atm – as the home I am living in has PLENTY of mugs – none of which are mine to mess with – hahaha.

that’s pretty much it – I was on my way to snuggle into bed with some Gilmore Girls, when I saw some acrylic paint &  the thought of painted animals once again popped into my head. so a blog post it was!


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