Friday, January 13, 2012

One month ‘till Valentine’s Day ♥

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Let’s see who is paying attention – hahaha.
I have “some” “issues” with Valentines Day, that being said, I also hate people who hate Valentines Day.
Regardless of these feelings* I wanted to bring you a little wishlist of things that I find cute from around the web for that special someone in your life.
Or you know – me. ‘Cause my mom reads this thing – and truthfully – she is the one who gets me valentine’s gifts (; ♥

So here it is…

heart cupil_570xN.294051480il_570xN.298515683

one, two, three cute heart mugs from Circus Bear Vintage
because I need mugs for my coffee, tea, latté, different kind of tea, and then hot chocolate and I don’t like to do dishes in-between (:

Also for the mister or your dandy gal:

anatomical heart t-shirt, archery arrows tie
so they can be ironic or play cupid or whatever (;

Also: if you wanted to make/buy/decorate a really simple sweet treat or two:
 il_570xN.116845956 cupidcupcakes-2
chocolate covered pretzels w. sprinkles & free downloadable cupid's arrow decoration
you can make them, buy them and add sprinkles (that goes for the pretzels and cupcakes) or just decorate them & sign w. a kiss it’s all up to you!

Enjoy this bit of Valentine’s Day inspiration … or don’t – up to you!
Also one time I had to dress as an atomically correct heart mascot … named Cardiac Carl[a] … it was quite awful and I almost had heat stroke. The things I do for money … / a wicked cause. ♥ (yes there are pictures … no you don’t get to see them)

xoxo. kristine

*I don’t think it’s designed to make people who are single feel bad for themselves, I don’t think that it’s meant to get people to buy things that they don’t need – I think it’s just like any other holiday that’s turned into something overly commercialized – kind of sad, but with good roots. That – and it’s kind of a really wicked competition for some girls … one I never appreciated. Because frequently it is filled with disappointment. (I find boys usually suck at Valentine’s Day, and girls are good at it, but conventionally it’s supposed to be the other way around? I don’t get it.) Basically the whole holiday has turned into a day to celebrate the one you love (or crush on) before you have to do it from a jail cell … to whatever mess it is now. & I don’t like it and tend to avoid it. Not to mention … in high school I definitely had people yell at me for celebrating – like WOAH. It is NOT my fault that I have a boyfriend and you do not. Yes he is willing to make me dinner tonight – no that doesn’t mean I am evil or have joined a cult or hate you and disregard your feelings. Get over yourself. /rant

[ + a total biased point : I have bad memories associated with it. I tend to go all out & get disappointed because no one can ever match my weird enthusiasm for holidays and I would rather not participate then participate and be sad. true story. I need some help]

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