Friday, January 6, 2012


Tidbits is a new feature for the year that is along the same lines as bleubird's bits + pieces or the ever so common “my weekend/week/month in cellphone pics” posts – just pictures from all over – none that quite deserve their own posts – but that I have floating around on my phone & camera. ♥


1.just a few of the gifts I wrapped 2.lumps of coal packaged pretty for my cousins 3.ryan’s 19th birthday morning! 4&5 buddy with us for a whole week 6. R fast asleep w. buddy (breaks my heart) 7. the first sky of the new year


IMG_4673 giving goodbye kisses 9. r giving goodbye hugs 10&11 floating oil candle for when the power went out for 3 hours 12.getting ready to explore the snow that causes it. 13-22 pictures of the snowfall and my father who looks like Grizzly Adams with that hat on…



p.s. yes, obviously my christmas pictures should have their own post – but I’m just so happy to be out of the craziness of the holidays that I don’t feel like explaining my christmas eve/christmas morning/christmas day/dad’s christmas/boyfriend’s delayed “christmas morning” … even trying to type that out was exhausting. hahaha. so no christmas posts for this year (:

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