Saturday, March 3, 2012



After stumbling upon society6 in a vain attempt to find an attractive phone case for my android – I realized I had become captivated by some of their prints, and  POOF like magic! Over an hour of my day was gone. Browsing through their VAST assortment of art prints (& iAPPLIANCE cases) has led me to discover several things about my art tastes:
1. I can appreciate almost anything, but I am very picky about what I would actually purchase.
2. I really do have a very basic colour palette that I like to stick to which is b&w, neutrals, plums, aubergine, berry hues, & the occasional bright blue or teal.
3. As much as I want to – I just can’t get into surrealism, which I think is half the problem.
4. I am the most narcissistic person ever. I like pictures that are indicative of myself (leos, girls w. glasses) & of my close peers (my boyfriend, mother, sister, close friends)
5. I really like a certain kind of simplicity, common in vectors, but also sketches, and paint is my favorite medium.
6. I like women. In art. Girls, the female essence in all it’s forms and displaying all it’s emotion. Innocent, blissful, seductive, provocative, curious, empathetic, what have you.

So here I leave you with a bunch of beautiful bits & pieces. There were many more – but I whittled this down to a few, that I think would look fantastic all hung together on a feature wall – maybe above my couch some day. ♥

Leo_Art_Print-Hanna_Viktorsson-society6      PERVERT-Anwar_Rafieebookworm-Maggie3t-society6      rose_PRT_II-James_Richard_Smith-society6Efflorescence-Holly_Sharpe      Ms._Tambourine_Art-Hanna_Viktorsson 

{via society6}


xoxo. kristine ♥

p.s. all pictures are linked to their source – as always!

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