Sunday, April 29, 2012

we can burn brighter then the sun

I won’t say “I’m back!” again for good… but there is a VERY good chance you’ll see me around these parts more frequently again, because …


& it’s going to be consistent – whether or not I will be is another story. I’ve never been great at keeping a journal, or a diary, or blogging every day … but this is for me – and if it brings joy or insight to those who come across it … then why not?


But I’m back for a bit & here’s a quick run-down of what’s new with me

I lost my android. It is completely missing. We’re hoping it turns up in my room (or maybe still maybe somehow in my friend’s car) but both areas have been searched a couple times, and it hasn’t popped up. So I’m giving up & going to get a new sim card to use in my old phone :(

I bought some 35mm film & a battery for my camera – so I’m going to have some cool film photos to share! I’m really excited. I haven’t used this camera since I was 11… maybe 12?

I got side bangs! I know that’s silly – but it’s a big deal to me. I haven’t had bangs in YEARS and I kind of forgot how hard they are to maintain … but also, how much cuter they make it when I pull up my hair (which, let’s face it, is most of the time)

I also bought some 120 film for my Holga, so as soon as I manage to get a hold of a manager at Black’s I should be able to have some holga prints to share as well! (which I am super excited for)

I finished a journal! & Today I started a new one. I forgot just how much I loved to doodle as well as cut & paste. Makes me so happy!


Anyways – I didn’t die! I haven’t been tweeting without my phone, but feel free to check me out over there, or on pinterest :) –> links on the side.


OH! & one more thing … I started production on my dandy rascals again … ;D something about spring makes me want to sew … so there is very possibly going to be an etsy re-opening later this spring!

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