Monday, May 7, 2012



WOW. What a weekend. A weekend plus.

Quick update:

Friday Morning: drove my aunt to her physio. that was not a happy experience (she ended up being really fed up w. her therapist) but at least I drove the beamer!

Friday Night: Avengers (opening day) sosososososososososososo good. we’re going back to see it in 3D now that I can look away for a second or two so I don’t make myself sick. (and so we have some less obnoxious people (& children) in the theatre with us + some better seats)

Early Saturday Morning: chiro yeah so that kind of sucked. I hate that I have chiro so early in the morning. It’s a royal pain in my rear,

Saturday: Shower prep. alllllllll dayyyyy. meats & cheese & place cards – oh my! plus I made a ton of crepes. Apparently they were a huge hit! Always nice to see.

*Saturday Night: Endast / Lumbergh show! haven’t been out to a show in way. too. long. I tried to stay out of the most pit. Really I did. So I ended up drinking more then I ever drink at shows – with no way to burn it off. But it was fun none-the-less. Like “I can’t believe I actually walked home” good. Even the little bit of jumping in the pit killed me (especially since chiro in the morning) but it was worth it. I missed the scene so badly.

Sunday Morning: more shower prep this would be when I started wondering if the show the night before was a good idea. Having to be up at 9:30 was not ideal

Sunday: bridal shower!! & this would be when I almost regretted going out. On my feet helping out allllll day! I was so exhausted by the end of it. but the bride to be was happy. & I am so so so so so happy for her. She’s my “secret sister” pictured above. She’s been friends with my sister since they were 8 – which is before I was even born! I grew up with her, and she really is a second sister to me. That’s her gorgeous self up there – and a quick snap of the head table. The shower was french themed! When my cousin’s photos are sent to me to edit, I’ll upload them with a post just about the shower.

Sunday Evening / Night: more tear down & divying of the food. then went back to Ryan’s house where I fell asleep promptly at 10:30. I was so tired. But also going there meant I was guaranteed sleep & to be taken care of. Such a good weekend, despite the exhaustion.

that’s it, that’s all folks!
Well not quite. There was a lot of stuff inbetween, and I’m sure a lot of those items could have had their own post, but like I said on twitter: you know you’re having fun, which you can’t take the time to tweet about it. ♥ so happy & blissed out & tired. can’t wait for bed tonight.

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