Monday, May 14, 2012

music monday

Fiona Apple. If you don’t know her … well then I’ll hold up the rock you’ve lived under so you can crawl out. (:
She may not have had the easiest life, (hey - who has?) and she’s been penalized for eating disorders, advocating heroin-chic, and doing whatever she wants. … but she’s won a grammy for a reason.
Her newest song came out on April 23rd, and she’s doing another tour – so if you can – get out & see her!

Here’s her newest song below:


& a few classics:


That I think was the hardest to narrow down yet. Yikes! There’s also a christmas song, a tim burton song, and ohh let’s not forget a cover of across the universe.

happy mondays. if there is such a thing.


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