Wednesday, May 30, 2012


before / during a friend’s surprise birthday dinner. one of the rare times we went out together.
we both make the same faces when we take pictures – it usually involves growling … haha
& I only just realized that  we sort of matched that night.

IMG_4919the birthday boy & his birthday drink! even though it looks girly – it had the most alcohol at the bar (an “Oh My Tai” from Boston Pizza)
and no – I can not believe we are all turning 20+ this year. seriously. weren’t we all just 15 and gangly in high school?

Instead of drinking beer I actually mixed myself a drink for once – a rye&ging. in a pretty cup it made me feel super girly (:
& R, in my sunglasses that match his shirt. hanging out at a bbq hosted by his parent’s friends.


just a few pictures that have popped up on my camera from the past few weekends. Back to having things to photograph is nice … even if they are silly and just for me.
xoxo. kristine

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