Monday, August 6, 2012

tidbits (& yes I’m still alive)


& a not edited quickly taken picture of my new home. I’ve been around taking pictures, trying to get used to my little cousin’s nikon (although mine will be much different) – keeping things quiet while I move for the second time in a year, in with my boyfriend (in his parents home) trying to get used to a different pace. how many times can I use the word different?

Still haven’t gone back to get my hangers, or gone back at all to be honest. it’s been chaos. too much furniture too little space. a lot of clothes in bins on the bedroom floor. and then my puppy was here (for a month) – and he got really sick. which made me unpacking even harder (even if I had managed to have everything) and now my aunt is in alaska so going back is going to have to wait a little bit more. (& then I had a really long birthday weekend – which I needed – but now I’m having even more trouble getting down to business)


He’s cute though – no?

Here’s a few more shots of that I’ve got sitting on my computer (that are actually edited) that will get dedicated posts later. Sometime soon when I really return



I’m a whiney complainer … as my old human growth and development teacher used to call caillou (she hated that he encouraged whining to get what you want to children, including her daughter, whom she taught to shut it off or change if she was at a friend’s). But not really – I’ve had a lot of good things happening lately. I’m just altogether lethargic, and making a million excuses for being so. I know I’m just procrastinating because I’m overwhelmed. I do.

Let’s see how it all plays out.
& of course – I need to remember to breathe. ♥

xo. kristine

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